LIP FILLER in Attleboro, MA

Are you looking to subtly replenish lost volume? Or do you want a luscious pout?

Lip enhancement is a fun and easy way to play with the way you look. There is much artistry involved when it comes to the lips. For the past decade, Dr. Mak has focused on enhancing facial harmony by beautifying the smile and peri-oral region. She is both an artist and a clinician, and has trained with the best clinicians in the world. Good communication is key here, tell us what your goals are, and we will work with you to get you there.

I’ve heard that lip filler hurts. Is that true?

Yes that may be true elsewhere as the lips are highly sensitive and full of nerve endings. However, Dr. Mak is a skilled cosmetic dentist who believes in patient comfort first, so you will be numbed completely with a nerve block and the entire procedure will be painless from start to finish. 

I am curious about lip filler, but I don’t want to look crazy.

We have a “less is more” approach to facial rejuvenation and we limit the amount of lip filler placed per session to 1ml, which is just one-fifth of a teaspoon. That crazy “ducky” or “sausage lips” look is a result of poor technique, placing too much filler too soon, and simply a poor aesthetic eye. A larger lip transformation will have to be achieved in a gradual stepwise fashion, not overnight, so your body has time to adjust and adapt to the filler placed.

 I want lips like Kylie/Bella/Angelina etc. Can you do that?

We encourage you to bring in inspiration pics so we have an idea of what your goal aesthetic is in terms of size and/or shape. However we are ultimately limited by your own anatomy so it is best to work with your anatomy, not against it. The key is setting realistic expectations, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

 I had my lips done elsewhere but I don’t like them. Can you fix them?

Yes, we prefer to dissolve them completely and start from scratch. However, on a case by case basis, we may be able to fix them without a full dissolve. If your filler feels hard or lumpy, it will need to be dissolved completely.

Curious about lips?